Tommy’s Story

My Grandparents are two of the most important people in my life.

They were avid sailors and I spent more hours with them on their boat than I can count. In fact, my Mom tells me that my first two words were “boat” and “water”. Thanks to Grammy and Poppy, I learned how to sail and we explored Lake Ontario for years – weekend getaways were my favorite.

On that boat, I learned about the Hardy Boys and read many novels before bed. I learned how to swim, play cards and dominos, and embraced a long list of life lessons. There is nothing I would trade for these memories that influenced me and who I am today.

My Grandfather passed away a few years ago and my Grandmother is older now. Cleaning the house has become difficult. No matter how many reminders she writes, she can be forgetful with her medication. In the Winter, it can be hard for her to get groceries and dog food – the family isn’t very comfortable with her driving in these poor conditions.

Grammy deserves the best care we can find, to help her manage these daily chores. Someone that can “do it all” and be there for her when the family can’t.

We will be a Noble Companion for you and your loved ones because we know how important they are. This organization prides itself on quality care with a difference because our families and friends mean the world to us and
deserve the very best.

— Written by Tommy McEwen

Tommy standing on the sail with his hands up