The Power of Connection

The Power of Connection

Older Americans Month makes its valiant return this month, and this year is themed around a topic that we here at Noble Companion know all about – The Power of Connection!

Although we had a blast with last year's theme of aging unbound, the power of connection is something that really hits home in the world of companion care. We strive to provide people with connections that alleviate stress, allow them to heal more efficiently, and fill the need for socialization. So, this month's blog post is going to follow the guide created by the Administration for Community Living who lead Older Americans Month and offer our insights as a company that provides unparalleled companion connection!


Facts about connection

1.) More connections, more resources: As people grow older their social networks tend to narrow down. While this might seem negative, there is a good reason for downsizing, the pursuit of quality over quantity. People will keep their connections that are rooted in deep emotional connection and forego the connections that are more largely based around activities or interests. Still, narrowing your friendship circles should be done with caution, and even relationships that may seem superfluous might be worth checking in on and maintaining at a distance. Not only will this keep you connected to different types of people, but it will also allow you to access resources you may need in the future. The 6-degrees of separation theory drives this idea home, and at the end of the day, keeping more social network connections will allow you to access more services and resources in your time of need.

2.) Crucial community connections: We could talk all day about the many benefits that come with being involved in your local community, so we’ll spare you from a lengthy list and summarize the importance of community connections in short. Study after study all come to the same results – community connection leads to better mental and physical health outcomes! One of the biggest risks for older adults losing their community involvement stems from illness or medical conditions. Should one of these ailments pop up, it’s important to stay in touch with community members and organizations while in recovery, and as you heal and your strength returns, resume your community engagement.

3.) Connection and health: As stated above, connection to community and other people has a strong positive effect on both mental and physical health. Lack of socialization can have similar effects on the body as smoking, and the effects on mental health can be just as bad if not worse. Luckily, these negative effects are somewhat easily remedied through engagement in community events and staying in regular communication with your social circle.


Resources for establishing connection

1.) Eldercare locator: This government website can help direct you to services and communities without all the work of calling and driving around. Look into 55+ programing, special events, and even care coordination needs by simply typing in the search bar.

2.) Volunteer opportunities: Looking to give back while supporting a good cause? Check out the government volunteer opportunity website to find vetted options that fit your needs!

3.) AARP ideas: AARP once again coming in strong with their programs for older American connection. From pen pals to specific programming, this low annual cost organization is full of ways that you can stay connected socially and emotionally with people of all backgrounds.


What connection means to us

As providers of unparalleled companion care services, connection means the world to us. The profound positive impact that even small amounts of connection can have on all facets of health are evident to us through our work, and we want to stress to everyone that you should find time each week to maintain and strengthen the connections you have in your life. Maintaining independence, aging in place, and combatting isolation are the backbone of companion care, so in closing we want to thank the creators of Older Americans Month for utilizing this year's celebration to focus on a topic that is near and dear to all our hearts – The Power of Connection!






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