August is for Traveling

August is for Traveling

August, the month where the days get noticeably shorter, the temperatures cool off a little bit, and summer starts nearing its end; all this while we look for the motivation to start planning for the seasons ahead! With no official holidays throughout the 8th month of the year, many folks will take time aside in August to pencil in a final summer vacation. August can be an excellent month to choose for travel, as the crowd surges seen in June and July have likely calmed down, while the surge of holiday and snowbird travel is still off on the horizon. So, for this year's August blog post we decided we would focus on travel safety tips that seniors should be aware of so that they can make the most out of their summer-end excursions! 

  • Keep your loved ones in the loop: This first tip may come across as a no-brainer for some, but the value of putting it into practice easily earns it a top spot on our list. Let your trusted people know your plans. Let them know when you plan on leaving, when you plan on returning, where you plan on going, and where you plan on staying! Accidents happen, and losing a phone or computer on your travels can leave you in a tough spot should you need to contact your people back at home. Letting more people know where you are and your time parameters assures they can check up on you if they need, and they can make sure you’ve returned safely after your journey too. Your loved one's value hearing from you, so maybe take time to drop them a phone call each night on your journey and let them know how things are going and what you were up to that day. Time and time again it’s said, “communication is key,” and this cliché saying is very important to incorporate in your life while you are enjoying your August out of town!
  • Consider an agency: If your heart is set on a more exotic August adventure, it may be best to figure out your plans with an established travel agency before setting off. A travel agency can speak about the quality of your lodgings, educate you on local culture, and guide you to the best activities and services available in your destination area. While the thrill of an impulsive week away in a foreign country sounds romantic, it only takes one problem to unravel the whole excursion. Certain locations require more vigilance against crime or scams, and while google can give you an overview of what to expect, an actual registered agent will have a much better knowledge of the reality of your destination.  
  • Don’t post until you’re back home: In the era of social media and self-promotion, it can be extremely tempting to post your new memories on your socials as they happen, but for the safety of you and your loved ones, save the pictures and stories until you’re settled back home. Posting your adventures on your social media as they happen allows unsavory characters to learn your whereabouts. What may seem like a harmless picture of a beach day or exotic animal, could show predatory people that you are not home and that you likely will not be back for days to come. This allows them plenty of time to act nefariously while your defenses are down. Piggybacking on the first point in our article stressing the importance of having TRUSTED individuals in your life know your whereabouts so they can check in on your home to ensure everything is locked up safe and tight. 
  • A watchful eye: Pet owners don’t need to think twice about employing help while they’re away, but non-pet owners should also reach out to a trusted neighbor or loved one and ask if they’ll swing by once or twice a day while they’re gone. Having trusted people stopping by makes your property seem lively while nobody is there, and this can serve as a major deterrent for criminals scouting your place while you’re away. Just a quick check of the doors, yard, and maybe even stop inside to make sure things are where they should be is a surefire way to bring even more peace of mind to your vacation and keep your things safe while you’re away.
  • Doubles are good, triples are best: When you’re traveling, you’ll need to bring some documents along with you so that you can catch your flight and check into your hotel. These documents are almost always sensitive in nature, (passport, driver's license, credit cards, etc.), so it's crucial to keep them together in a safe place while you’re traveling. Even better than keeping them safely on your person is having one or two backups of all of them kept safely back at home. There are many options for small, fireproof document holders that you can buy for storage, as well as organization; buying one has the potential to make your life much easier in the long run, plus it can help in a situation where you lose something while you’re on vacation. Being prepared for unfortunate occurrences such as these can give you a major leg up when the time comes to reorder them. 

With summer's end drawing near, August presents itself as the perfect month to fit in one final getaway. Plan appropriately, pack accordingly and keep these tips and tricks in mind for staying safe on your vacation ahead. Though we wrote this list with summer in mind, these tips are also great for the upcoming holiday rush and snow birding travel that millions take part in every year. A vacation is meant to be a peaceful getaway in which you can enjoy yourself and spend time in leisure, planning for safety can ensure that you get the most enjoyable vacation possible while leaving your worries behind!