Summer Time Activities

Summer Time Activities

Summer is so close you can almost taste it! As we arrive in the month that denotes the beginning of summer, we have a lot to look forward to. The weather is lovely, the flowers have bloomed, community events are starting to pick up, and the days are the longest that they’ll be all year. With so much extra sunlight and the weather allowing us to enjoy it, now is a great time to think about summer activities that you might want to try out. Always keep in mind that these activities can be completed more safely and easily with a trusted Companion by your side, so if you have any hesitation about getting out, give Noble Companion a call and see how we might be able to help you! Here are six ideas to help get you started on the path to a summer worth remembering... 

Get outside! 

1.) Swimming: When it comes to exercise, swimming might be the best choice around. From the low impact on your body, to the water keeping you cool as your heart rate rises, swimming is a smart exercise choice that is more accessible than ever in the hot summer months. With a little digging, you’ll likely find a number of pools and clubs to join that will allow you to go for a swim whenever you find yourself in need of a little exercise this summer. 

2.) Outdoor Events: While local events vary between locations, there are sure to be a wealth of outdoor events that you can attend this summer! Reference your local paper or news program to get the scoop on the events happening near you this summer and choose dates and times to attend. Getting to these events early comes with the added benefits of beating the crowd and being able to find parking. 

3.) Gardening: Once again, gardening finds itself on our blog. With so many benefits to this activity, it should come as no surprise that gardening has made the list of great outdoor activities to engage in this summer. Beyond just getting outside and breathing the fresh air, gardening can bring a sense of accomplishment and happiness as your garden grows. Add to that, the fact that you can save some money and eat what you’ve sown is another reason to get outside and start planting your favorite flowers and foods to enjoy all summer long! 

Beat the Heat! 

1.) Take a day trip: Is there a place within a two-hour drive that always brings you joy? Is there a place nearby that you’ve always wanted to visit but have never had the chance? Make this summer one where you take the trip! Getting out of town for a day can offer wonderful respite from the daily routine you’ve developed over the years, and staying within a two-hour drive distance assures that you can get back home quickly should you need to do so. A day trip might be best if scheduled on those super-hot “dog days,” of summer that can make the season feel like it’s dragging. With air conditioning blasting in the car and an anticipated air-conditioned location as a destination, day trips are great ways to add some excitement to the hottest days of the summer. 

2.) Indoor events: With kids being out of school and people finding themselves with more free time than usual, there are often more events going on during the summer than during other times of the year. Look to your local libraries and museums to see what kind of indoor events they’ll be hosting this summer. Many places offer a discount for seniors, and others are totally free to attend. With a little research, you’re sure to find a wealth of indoor events to check out this summer.  

3.) Volunteer: Feel good, help your community, meet new people; whatever your reason for volunteering is, you’ll certainly find that donating your time to an effort in need is an exceptional way to spend a few summer days. If the week predicts a summer scorcher, look into opportunities indoors where you can volunteer while enjoying some relief from the sweltering summer sun. Libraries, food drives, churches, museums, all are places that often welcome volunteers – so make some calls and see where the help is needed.  

With so much to look forward to in the coming months, it’s hard to find the patience to wait in the meanwhile. Scheduling and planning activities now will help alleviate the stress of last-minute impulsiveness so it would be wise to bring out the calendar and jot down some days to set aside. Whatever the temperature outside or the activity you want to attend to, a little planning and research is sure to help make this summer the best one yet!